Writing doesn't have to be so isolating

One of the dirty secrets of writing is that it's a lonely business. We all try to solicit support from our partners and friends and critique partners, but the success rate for that varies.

So we need to support each other, I think.

If you've stopped by because I've bugged you about this topic recently, thank you. It's good to see you 'round.


Richard said...

I am sorry you feel so alone with your writing. Send me an email. I would love to help out.

Vivien Jackson said...

Thanks for the boost, Richard. It's real nice of you to offer. I clicked on your name, but the profile is hidden, so I can't e-mail you. Feel free to e-mail me, though, if you wish, or wander over to Facebook. Thank you for stopping by. :)

jen said...

You know I'm always there to talk or read.