Dithering, lollygagging, and procrastinating

I don't have a Six Sentence Sunday offering today. To be honest, I've been holding out on my main WIP, not sharing snips from it because, dude, what if folks told me it was crap? Not like I don't suspect as much myself, honestly, but it'd sure suck to hear that from somebody else.

Am still searching for my niche, my comfy spot in writing. Alternately I write angsty Regency, sarcastic urban fantasy, gruesome sci fi, and stuff that skirts the wee edges of porn but still might be called erotica.

Right now, I'm writing grocery lists. Come on, Muse: wake the hell up.


Cara Bristol said...

We all have these moments. I go through them, too. I have periods when I write like a frenzied demon and times when nothing comes together. I think about switching subgenres. It's all part of the crazy life of a writer.

Vivien Jackson said...

If you switch subgenres, do your readers get whiplash? Not that I have a biggish readership at the moment, but I'd hate to put off the couple who do read my stuff.