Spare some change, mister?

Change is good, right? Now, I'm not talking about the kind that you stick in a vending machine to get a Coke back (or underpants, if you're in Japan: more on that later). I'm talking about the other kind of change.

For the last couple of years, I've called myself a published fiction writer. I mean, those three stories were up for sale. Some folks even paid good money for 'em. That made me real, right? I didn't go around hollering about it, granted, and it was a small inroad to make on the path to being a Real Writer, but it was progress. Was. Because, as of today, I'm back at square one. The publisher of those stories has closed up shop, and the rights have reverted.

I have to do some serious thinking about where I go from here. A blank slate means I can sort of start over, write any old thing I want. Doesn't even have to be smutty. I can take some chances. I can jump off a cliff onto a pirate ship with an appletini in one hand and a bazooka in the other. I can be a word ninja, a clairnaughtyent, a rainbow princess fairytale dominatrix!

I can be terrified.

Well, then. Changes ahead, for better or worse. What? You read through that whole whinge just waiting for me to talk about buying panties out of a vending machine in Osaka? Really? Fine. They were black.


Cara Bristol said...

That kind of change is scary. It sounds cliched, but it IS an opportunity. You're a great writer and you'll find a biigger and better publisher.

Jen Galbavy said...

Blank slates can be exciting. Have fun with your writing and see where that takes you. You'll definitely figure it out, I have faith. :-)

Patricia Preston said...

Everything about publishing is changing and writers who never had a chance to get their stories before an audience have that opportunity thanks to e-reader. Now is the time to write the book you want to write. And if a publisher doesn't want it, be your own publisher. Check out Teresa Ragan's sale figures at

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, honestly, I'm not in love with change because most of it has been a nasty experience in my case. However, there have been silver linings and opportunities.

While my main publisher hasn't gone out of business, and seems to be doing really well, as far as sales -- and, I am PLEASED about that! -- however, what is selling in the big figures is not what I prefer to write. So, I'm caught in a transition period myself. I feel like a ship with no rudder, tossed about by stormwinds.