Weekend Writing Warriors: Through the portal

Eight sentences from my lesbian fairy erotica short, "Game Fae," which will appear in the forthcoming anthology Like a Trip Through the Mirror (Circlet Press).

          Kyra followed her boss out of his very normal-looking office, down the hall to the next door, and on into a similarly normal-looking board room. Kind of cramped, even. Not what she'd expected from the super-secret executive meeting room, the holy of holies where all the money guys got together to discuss the future of the studio's projects.  
          Kevin didn't stop at the black-lacquer table but went right to the projector, reached below it, and fiddled with something there.
          The projection screen hummed back into the wall, leaving a giant floor-to-ceiling gap. A secret passage on the fifth floor, downtown. Holy snotfungus. 
          Kyra blinked, but the doorway was still there.
          "If you're very still, sometimes you can hear them from here, but the sound quality is loads better if you actually, you know, go inside." 

Very much in the spirit of Six Sentence Sunday, Weekend Writing Warriors encourages writers to share very short snippets (eight sentences in this case) from something they've written. Thank you so much for peeking at mine, and be sure to check out other such snippets at the Weekend Writing Warriors list. En garde!


Cara Bristol said...

Holy snotfungus! Your writing always grabs me. Well done.

Christa Paige said...

Hey Congrats on the upcoming release! Love Kyra's characterization!

Elaine Smith said...

I enjoyed your writing. It was very vivid and full of character.

ps I don't think going inside sounds like a good idea - not a all.

E. P. Beaumont said...

Yours truly is a sucker for secret passages, and extra bonus points for the sly sense of humor lurking under this. As for going inside--well, in fiction, heck yeah; in life, not so much. One more difference between the two.

Veronica Scott said...

Didn't see that coming - wow! (I'll have to re-examine all the conference rooms at the day job now LOL.) Terrific excerpt!

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh yeah--I didn't see that coming either. :-) Nice job! :-)