Short Stories

Heiresses of Russ 2015
Edited by Jean Roberta and Steve Berman

Anthology of Lesbian Speculative Short Stories
Lethe Press | Amazon

Stories about lesbians, women who choose women as primary partners, lovers, playmates, and co-conspirators. The Heiresses of Russ series seeks to offer readers the best lesbian-themed speculative fictions stories published the prior year. My story "Game Fae" appears in this anthology.

Like a Trip Through the Mirror: Lesbian Love in Alternate Realities
Edited by Kathleen Tudor

Anthology of Erotic Short Stories

Amazon | Circlet Press

Five lesbian erotic love stories of magic and mystery. What will you find on the other side of the mirror? Love? Passion? A world upside down? Step up to the mirror, look deep into your own eyes (or those of your secret, mirror-world lover) and prepare to have your worldview completely shifted. The grass really is greener on the other side—and the sex is hotter, too. 
My contribution is the final story, "Game Fae."

What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern: Epic Fantasy Quest Erotica
Edited by Jennifer Levine

Circlet Press | Amazon Barnes & Noble

My contribution to this anthology is a short, "Orin's Strand," the tale of a seer who knows her lover is destined to save the world and marry the princess, and who'd do just about anything to keep that from happening.

Sophie's Rogues
by Christa Paige and Vivien Jackson

Erotic Regency Short Story

HarlequinAmazon | Barnes & Noble

Regency erotica M/F/M short story. Merry widow Sophie Atherly aims to shock her lover, or at least surprise him. And deep in pondering just how she might accomplish such a thing, who should visit but Edward, who never has been able to tell her no.