6 August 2020 -- Well, it's been a year so far, hadnit? To while away the quarantine fugue, the amazingly talented Rebecca Royce and I got up to a little socially distanced mischief and wrote a sci-fi reverse harem book, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, coming atcha October 12, 2020 and pre-orderable now.


9 July 2019 -- New Release, the final book in the Wanted and Wired cyberpunk romance series ...

She never wanted to be a god.
She only wanted to be a girl.

11 June 2019 -- Check out the cover reveal, courtesy of Whiskey With My Book. (Many thanks to Riley Moreland over at WWMB for hosting the reveal and to Fiona Jayde of Fiona Jayde Media for designing that truly kickass cover.)

8 April, 2019 -- So... kind of news? I have rights to the manuscript for the third and final book in the Tether series: Chloe's story, which I'm calling MORE THAN STARDUST.
Currently I'm working to self-publish it, but I haven't actually done book production in thirteen years and everything is so different now and ack ... it's taking me a while.
If you want to know inside info on this process, including first peek at excerpts, release date, and cover, we are talking about *all the things* in my Facebook reader group:

3 March 2019 -- Back from Coastal Magic Con 2019 -- my first ever time being one of those cool authors on the panels! I got to show people pics of my dogs! And they didn't tell me to put that phone away and leave them alone! -- and it was indeed magic. I want to go back like right now. But will just have to beg the organizers to let me come back next year.

3 April 2018 -- Announced today: I will be one of the hosts for the Buns & Roses Romance Tea for Literacy, October 21, 2018, in Dallas. Tickets go on sale June 1st. If you are local, I hope you can come out a) because funds raised go to a good cause and b) so I won't be lonely at my table. Also! If you can think of any cool cyberpunkish gifts I can craft for the people at my table, please DM/text/email me. I am rubbish at crafts and can sure use all your good ideas.

27 March 2018 -- That thing? The one that happened? Actually did happen! I didn't even imagine it. Still processing. Here's the complete list of 2018 Romance Writers of America® RITA® Finalists in the Paranormal Romance category. Good spec fic + kissing + already curated = yeah, that's how I want to spend my reading time.

21 March 2018 -- THING HAPPENED! This thing: Wanted and Wired is a 2018 Romance Writers of America® RITA® Finalist. Winners will be announced this summer at the national conference in Denver (if you are gonna be there, let me know and we can meet up!). Am still having trouble taking in the fact that people who are not in my immediate family are reading this book and actually liking it. THANK YOU, THOSE PEOPLE! I love you a whole lot.

20 March 2018 -- I will be reading at the June 1st Heart of Texas Reader Salon in Austin, but that isn't the scary+awesome thing. That thing is this: Beverly Jenkins and Tracy Wolff will also be reading there. (!!) Intimidating as all get out, but still cool. Tickets are available now -- you have to register in advance, even though the event is free, because seating is limited.

1 February 2017 -- Crap, I've forgotten to update on ALL THE THINGS. So, to catch up:

7 November 2017 -- And she is live. I really appreciate all you amazing folks who made Perfect Gravity happen. (Check the acknowledgments.)

2 November 2017 -- Honored to announce that Perfect Gravity has been named an Amazon Best Book of the Month for November. My girl releases next Tuesday and is pre-orderable now.

30 October 2017 -- Perfect Gravity releases in seven days. Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

7 August 2017 -- The last two weeks have been a blur of fun stuff. First, it was amazing to meet so many people at RWA in Orlando. Thank you guys SO MUCH for coming to my signing on Friday and taking all the books and then also for coming back on Saturday and chatting and saying hi. I'd thought signings would be intimidating and possibly depressing, but these were anything but, and all because of you guys.


Also, we had a Kindle Daily Deal 7/31, with some whoa results. Thank you for this, too:

20 July 2017 -- So many things have happened lately. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:
1. Wanted and Wired was recommended by the SFR Brigade. This is an especially moving honor for me because I've been a member of the Brigade for years, reading and fangirling, and kind of think of it as a home.
2. There's a sale going on (eBook $1.99 Amazon | iTunes | B&N | Kobo). And, um, people have mentioned it. Specifically, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has mentioned it.

3. I'm going to RWA National Conference in Orlando next week. If you're there as well, I hope we can meet up. Here's a recent photo.

Also I'm really short and hobbity plump and will most likely be at the bar. Oh! And at the Sourcebooks signing on Friday and the Literacy signing on Saturday (open to the public). Please come to my table and chat even if you don't want a book!
4. There's a new Goodreads list for SFR released in 2016/2017, which is a great way to look at where the genre is and maybe where it's headed. You can also vote and stuff, if that's your thing. Wanted and Wired is on the list somewhere. 
5. I'm doing a promo list-building doodad. If you dig UF/PNR/steamy stories, you probably want to check it out.

22 June 2017 -- Super cool news for a super hot day: Wanted and Wired has been named an Amazon Best Romance of 2017 So Far. Check out all that posh company my gal is hanging with!

13 June 2017 -- If you read over at the Spacefreighters Lounge, you've already seen, but just in case you haven't, here's the cover for Perfect Gravity, coming atcha (and pre-orderable now) November 7, 2017:

30 May 2017 -- Copy edits are complete and all that behind-the-scenes machinery is whirring for the November 7th release of Perfect Gravity, the second book in my Tether science fiction romance series.

30 April 2017 -- This thing happened:

9 April 2017 -- IT IS OUT! Er, the "it" being my very first book ever ZOMG. For sale! To people! *am!ded* Also, I had no idea you could do this, but I just added an author page on BookBub (note: I don't have a deal going with BookBub, just an author page there). If you follow it, supposedly you'll get an an alert when one of my books releases. Sort of like the Amazon author page follow thing. So do that, if you want. Also, I have a newsletter (observe shiny sign-up form to the right --->), which I plan to cram full of all the things I can't say out loud in public. Like unedited previews of the next two books as they work their way through the production process. (Hint: Just sent around a cover peek for Perfect Gravity! Will do so again for new subscribers.) And one final thing:

Release day and every day since has been pure magic.

2 April 2017 -- So much. Too much. WANTED AND WIRED is in stores right now and available at online distributors this Tuesday, 4/4. Confirmed sightings on both U.S. coasts and in Texas at Barnes & Nobles stores (thanks Jen and Evie and Alexa and Sara!).

Reviews and spotlights and mentions are whizzing by my head, and I'm just sitting here grinning stupidly. And then, and then, AND THEN THIS:

That's MY BOOK listed among some extraordinary company on Amazon's Best Books of April (2017) for Romance. HOLY HAIRBALLS, PEOPLE!

And finally, the cover is beautiful and I have a whole box-full of books, and I love them like wubbies.

7 March 2017 -- Four stars from RT Book Reviews! The full review is still available only to subscribers, but here's a snippet: "Jackson launches an impressive new futuristic romance series set in a dystopian world where Texas has seceded, the climate is shot and the world has gone to hell." And then calls it a "winner." Am floored. And ... just whoa.
15 February 2017 -- Publishers Weekly reviewed Wanted and Wired and magically did not hate it. They even noted the girl-power bits! So digging this review.

1 February 2017 -- I have a release date for Perfect Gravity (Tether #2): November 7, 2017. Brace yourself for the arrival of mighty bionic attack kitty Yoink. Oh, and her people, Kellen and Angela. (It's up on Goodreads, too, if you are inclined to mark it as Want to Read.)

18 January 2017 -- Happy New Year! I am so ready for 2017, and not just because 2016 was a bit of a bumpy ride. This year, my first book, Wanted and Wired, will be released (April 4th, woot!). Very likely people will read this book. People who have never even met me. People who don't live in my house! I confess to being a bit terrified, but it's also whoa exciting. I so hope you guys like it.

Also, last week I turned in the manuscript for the third Tether series book, which does not have a title yet. However, book 2 does have a title. Perfect Gravity. (I LOVE it!)

And finally, just in case you haven't seen it elsewhere already, I can share the final cover for Wanted and Wired. Mah book cover: loooook at it.

9 December 2016 -- I just peeked at the galley for Like a Whisper in Your Ear, which is a Circlet Press/Nobilis Erotica collection of sexy little stories selected for their appropriateness to be read aloud. "Game Fae" is included, but that's not the reason folks should go snag this book/audio when it comes out. The real reason is you want to read things aloud. In a coffee shop. When lots of people are available to be shocked. Bwahaha.Will let y'all know when I have availability/links.

25 October 2016 -- I have seen a thing! A final pretty thing! A might-be-a-cover thing! More later, for it is also still a secret thing. Shh.

21 September 2016 -- Copy edits are done and turned in. Publisher now engaging magic-happens-here lever. Results arriving April 4, 2017. (Or ARCs may be available earlier? I will let you know.)

1 September 2016 -- Wanted and Wired, book 1 in my sci-fi romance Tether series, will be released through Sourcebooks Casablanca April 4, 2017. It is available for pre-order now. (Holy hairballs, people! This is for REAL.)

29 June 2016 -- Appeared in Publisher's Marketplace, so it must be real (pinching*pinching*pinching):

 22 February 2016 -- Circlet Press is putting together an audiobook collection to be titled Like a Whisper in Your Ear, and "Game Fae" will be a part of that. Release dates and info to come.

October 15, 2015 -- Heiresses of Russ 2015 is now available in ebook and print. (I bought the print version because vanity and it has one of those matte pettable covers. You know the kind. Nerdy!reader!bliss.)

26 August 2015 -- I'm thrilled to announce that my lesbian fairy story "Game Fae" will appear in the 2015 Heiresses of Russ anthology, published by Lethe Press. The annual anthology seeks to showcase the year's best lesbian speculative fiction. I'll post more details as they become available, but this is an impressive anthology and I'm humbled to be a small part of it.

22 April 2015 -- Now represented by Holly Root of Waxman Leavell Literary Agency. (And no, I was not even a tiny bit able to type that without bouncing.)

13 November 2014 --  Christa Paige's and my second co-written Regency novella releases today: A Christmas Scheme. Tis the season!

15 July 2014 -- A Christmas Caroline is nominated for a Golden Ankh Award this year. Am honored.

1 March 2014 -- Oh, lookee there: the latest Circlet Press anthology, Like a Trip Through the Mirroris available. My contribution is a short called "Game Fae."

8 February 2014 -- Just, wow. The opening of my cyborg romance, On the Squeezewon the Emily for the Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal category. Bouncy bouncy bouncy!

31 December 2013 -- Thrilled to announced that On the Squeeze is a finalist in the Emily Contest, sponsored by the West Houston RWA.

19 November 2013 -- The sweet Regency Christmas novella I co-wrote with Christa Paige is included in the Cotillion Christmas Traditions anthology. The first huggable, sniffable book with my name on it! Whee!

17 October 2013 -- Our novella A Christmas Caroline officially releases through Ellora's Cave today. Here's the link. I expect it'll be available on Amazon and other online retailers in the next week or so. Shiny!

30 September 2013 -- A sweet Regency Christmas novella, A Christmas Caroline, co-written by Christa Paige and me will release October 17th through Ellora's Cave. Cover and blurb here. 

13 August 2013 -- My application to join the PRO ranks in Romance Writers of America was approved. Now, onward to the biz part of this writing adventure.

23 July 2013 -- On the Squeeze won the 2013 Fire & Ice contest (Paranormal category). Already did my little happy dance. And no, there is no vid of said celebration.

16 June 2013 -- On the Squeeze finaled in the Chicago North RWA's Fire & Ice contest. Results will be announced at the RWA Nationals this July. Argh, wish I could make it, but that weekend is the hub's birthday. Still, super woohoo and thank you so much to the judges and organizers!

3 January 2013 -- On the Squeeze placed second in the fantasy/futuristic category of the Launching a Star contest, sponsored by the SpacecoasT Authors of Romance. Many thanks to the judges and contest organizers!

23 December 2012 -- "Orin's Strand" has been podcast on Nobilis Erotica. It's so cool hearing something I wrote read out loud!

27 November 2012 -- What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern (including my short story, "Orin's Strand") releases today. Yay!

7 November 2012 -- My short story "Orin's Strand" will appear in the forthcoming Circlet Press anthology What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern. Today we got a cover!

1 September 2012 -- Sophie's Rogues is up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Yow!

14 August 2012 -- Sophie's Rogues is officially available for pre-sale on Amazon.

23 July 2012 -- I have an author page up on Amazon. Check it out!

6 June 2012 -- Sophie's Rogues has an official release date: September 1, 2012. My first ISBN ever! I have cover art, too, but I'm going to pet it in private a little while, if you don't mind. Will share closer to release.

18 May 2012 -- May 2012 did not have a free read because I will be workshopping the story at ArmadilloCon 34 on 27th July. If you're there, look for the short chick with fuzzy red hair, probably in some sort of sarky tee-shirt.

15 January 2012 -- My free read "Dead Things and Magic" appeared on The Inspired Writer (briefly, but how cool is that?). Many thanks to Patricia Preston for spotting it.

31 August 2011 -- Well, the contracts have been signed and the gears are all a-whirl making this thing happen, so I suppose it's safe to announce: Sophie's Rogues, a short erotic Regency co-written by Vivien Jackson and Christa Paige will be released through Harlequin Spice Briefs in 2012. I'll post further details as they become available. Woot!