On the value of copy editing

Some few of you folks know that by day I do some copy editing. I imagine that menial servicepersons in all industries have internal conversations much like mine:

Me: *deep sigh* Nobody even knows I exist unless I muck things up. Even when I do a good job, readers just assume that the writer is mechanically on top of things.
Me, too: Oh, shut up. You're speshul and a princess and totally Important (with the initial cap, even) to the world at large. There. Is that what you needed to hear?
Me: Yes, thanks ever so. Of course, you didn't have to be such a pfft about it.

So, yes, I've been pufting out my I-am-important feathers for a long time, holding on to standards like Use Serial Commas! and Oh God, Please No More While Phrases!

But you know what? I think that maybe I've been doing a disservice to my brain. What if mechanically messy, stylistically vomitous prose can be good communication after all? What if the story is bigger than a few misspelled words?

What if all this time I've been, well, pompous?

Oh, yikes.

Shall write with fragments more, I promise. And try not to cringe when I read "as to" phrases. Cross my heart.