Wise Words: What does your rejection letter mean?

I stumbled across this post on Wise Words today and considered it interesting. I haven't gotten a lot of rejection letters, probably because I haven't done a lot of submitting, but this is a nifty guide to interpreting the stock phrases editors seem to use in form letters.

Wise Words: What does your rejection letter mean?:
"How many rejection letters have you got so far? Do you keep them all? Neatly in a folder, in date order, or are they chucked into the recycling bin in disgust as soon as they plop onto your door mat?

Or do you, like me, analyse them, and try to understand what they really mean?

I've been sorting out my rejection letters (yup, I'm the person who keeps them neatly in a folder in date order) into piles of content ie "our lists are full" to "sounds good, send more".

I've deciphered the replies and made lists! It's official, I'm sad.

Here is my list:."