All-night-writin: In the works

Tonight I've got a couple of earfuls. On the left is a dom wielding something called "sade's sweeper" and making it all hurt better. To the right a suddenly chain-smoking girl's seeing ghosts and on her way to the big sombrero. And those are just my partners in crime tonight. Percolating in the back of my brain are seven eras of dragons, an ancient queen, a secret, and a whole world predicated on what it means to breathe fire. Beneath my fingers, four Regency lords plot their final ruse, now that the war's over, and the result of such plotting may lead to scandal. Oh hell, of course it will: this is my world, after all, and everything ultimately leads to scandal. And sex.

A happy place.

What're you writing?

Photo in all-night-writin graphic copyright PoopDogg.