TGSO - Thank God summer's over


October 17, 2013 is the release date for A Christmas Caroline, a novella I co-wrote with the lovely and talented Christa Paige. The e-book will come out in October, and then the story will appear in an anthology from Ellora's Cave sometime in November. What has me especially stoked about this story is that my mom can read it. There is exactly one smooch in the whole ~19k words. Also, no one gets even close to nekkid. If you know much about what Christa and I do, you gotta admit that this is heroic restraint on our parts. And no, I don't mean "restraint" in the kinky sense.

I'll post the cover here when I get it and will also have info on the other Cotillion Christmas Traditions stories that will be coming out. Mostly 'cause I'm looking forward to reading them, too.

Also, I entered another contest (well, a couple, but I have results back from one). I know I said I wouldn't, but the lure of critique is really bright, and I just can't seem to stop myself. So, thank you, organizers and judges of the Fire & Ice contest, sponsored by Chicago North RWA.

I'm cutting myself off after the GH, though. Seriously.

Finally, and most importantly, El Conejo and I recently celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. Observe the leaning tower of cake! (If you squint it kind of looks like a friendly mustaschioed Santa Claus.)

We've come a long way from arguing over the toilet seat and whether we should get a dog or a cat as our first pet. Dog just turned seventeen, the toilet seat is sparkling clean, and that man is still my best friend in ever. Love you, Bunny.