Release day: A Christmas Scheme

My latest collaboration with truly amazing writer Christa Paige releases today:

A Christmas Scheme, a novella featuring holidays, snow, Regency country house parties, earls, spies, and oranges. Oh, and true love.

This is a sweet story, no smut.

I also wrote poetry for it. Sort of. Hey, no heckling.


With her brother’s recent marriage to the daughter of an earl, Kate Avery is no longer needed to keep his house or look after their younger sister. She’s free. But for what? Secretly she wishes for purpose and adventure, but finding it seems unlikely. Then her brother arrives home from London just in time for Christmas…with an exotic and mysterious visitor.

A displaced Bengali lord, Kiran now serves the British Crown in a covert capacity. He’s been charged to deliver a secret message to the Earl of Withering at his country estate. He feels out of place in this very English home and is eager to leave until he meets Kate, who shares his desire for adventure.

Kate and Kiran must choose between the loyalties they have long held and the unexpected affection that blooms between them.

(Technically, this is a sequel to A Christmas Caroline, but you don't need to have read that one first!)