Q&A with Chris Campillo, Author of THEN HE SHOWED UP

For me, the coolest thing about being a writer (I mean, other than holding a book with my name on it in my own grabby hands) is getting to meet and hang out with other writers. This biz takes all kinds, and every writer has a fascinating story.

Probably the most naturally hilarious authoress I've met over the years is Chris Campillo. I mean, this woman can make recitation of grocery lists wildly entertaining. My goal in life is to write a dead-serious overwrought dark-purple vampire novel and have her voice the audiobook. We would hit comedy lists. I'm just sure of it.

Anyhow, Chris recently released her debut, Then He Showed Up, which is, not unexpectedly, a gigglefest. It's also hot and romantic and all the other good things. I nailed her down to answer a few authorly questions, so grab your chair.

VIVIEN JACKSON: Okay, hit me with the news.

 I recently released my first book, Then He Showed Up. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I’m thrilled with the feedback. I’m deep in edits with my second book, Then He Came Back. I plan to release that one mid-March.

Yay you! Pretty cover. Fun title. How'd you come up with it?

Coming up with a title nearly killed me. You would’ve thought I was naming a baby. A human baby. My story is work-related, and I wanted to convey that it was fun, but everything that came to mind had been used several times over. Anyway, I played and fretted and finally came up with this one. When a friend pointed out I could use the theme with the second book, I was sold.

A process like publishing your first book is inevitably bumpy. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Finding inner peace with the whole process. It is so easy for me to freeze up with self-doubt/fear of failure. And then there’s comparing myself to other writers. It’s a strange thing. Writers are such a supportive group. So many amazing writers have given me advice and encouragement. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here without that guidance. But I can also beat myself up when I’m around a group and hear about everyone’s crazy, daily word count or newsletter emails or whatever Herculean marketing plan they’ve undertaken. It’s a tricky career for a woman who has the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old.

You're kind of a super 12-year-old, though. But that does make me wonder, when and why did you begin writing?

I’ve written bits and pieces throughout my life. I started writing romance back in 2010. I write because so much of real life is too hilarious to keep under wraps. Even when something horrific happens (like the day I flashed the podiatrist or fell off of a stool while performing on stage), I eventually see the humor in it, and I just have to share it with others.

Sounds like your life has a bunch of idea spigots. What are some of the other things you do besides writing?

I love to make movies for friends and family, incorporating their favorite shows or movies. I made a slasher movie for my husband’s 50th birthday called CAMP REFORMATION. Production quality was horrible (ketchup and my son’s play swords) which made it even more delightful. Sometimes I’ll try my hand at standup under my stage name, Pepper McCormick.

[Links! -->] https://yhoo.it/2jE3erS https://yhoo.it/2jE5EGX

Thanks for sitting down with us, Chris! Y'all check out her crazy-sexy-funny debut, Then He Showed Up (exclusively on Amazon | free on Kindle Unlimited).

Widow Kate Livingston needs a twelve-step program for worriers. Really. Did anyone ever run a background check on the ice cream man? She wasn’t always this way, but her husband’s death and the surprising aftermath rocked her very foundation. She’s determined to keep her family secure, and that includes saving her career, despite inevitable layoffs. As an economic development specialist, Kate must convince a high-tech company to bring their newest facility to Austin. It could mean thousands of jobs for the state and job security for herself—the perfect deal.

Then he shows up.

Jack Graham is known for taking chances and never second-guessing his decisions. He’s determined to develop his newest project in an unconventional setting, but it won’t be in Austin. The city holds too many painful memories. Unfortunately, his CEO wants the facility in the Lone Star capital, so Jack creates a plan to make sure that never happens.But sticking to his strategy won’t be easy with the captivating Ms. Livingston. And how can Kate keep them on track when Jack makes it oh so easy to let go? When these two work together, it’s much more than business.

NOTE: Post originally appeared on the Romance Writers Behaving Badly group blog here.