Wanted & Wired Post-Release Hangover

My first-ever book released a couple weeks ago, and that means a few things:

1. I've been spending way too much time on social media. Bonus is that now I know much more about Serena Williams's procreative plans than I needed to. (But how cool that she won a flippin major when she was ten weeks gone. Yep, she's a goddess.)

2. I am not looking at rankings or reviews. Other people are doing it for me and just giving me the highlights. (Thank you, you know who you are!)

3. Release day involved some significant wine. Wine-punch, even. This is a thing!

4. I have, however been paying attention to emails, so

gigantic thank-yous and smoosh-hugs to all my friends and family who not only bought the book -- and read it! -- but then also emailed or tweeted or called to say they enjoyed it.

5. Finally. I'm feeling a teensy bit like a rock star because super-kind awesome folk from item 2 of this list have generally had good news, I went around and signed books at all my hometown B&N stores, and also there was this:

Wanted and Wired was named by the editors of
Amazon as a Best Book of April for romance.

And then also this:

because clearly I wasn't dead enough already. 

Life is amazing.

Note: This post was originally published on the Romance Writers Behaving Badly glog, here.