Announcement: Did *not* win a RITA. (Whew!)

This will sound bizarre, but I'm so pleased to announce that I did not win a RITA this week at #RWA2018. I haven't yet read the book that did win, but the others I read in my category were astonishingly awesome, and I would have felt extremely weird leading that pack. Much happier to follow and especially honored to be a part of it.

Also happy to sign books and meet people and listen to ghost stories and drink cocktails and do all the other ah-mazing things that happened and I still can't quite grasp. Here are pics.

Not only did I get a photo with Beverly Jenkins, but I happened to be wearing my Slayer of Words tee-shirt! Such an awesome fangirl moment!
With Eve Langlais. Have you read her cyborgs? You have not read cyborgs until you read her cyborgs.
My critique partner Sloane Calder did my hair for the RITA ceremony. You can't really see it in this pic, but it looked amazing. She made me feel like a princess.

Me at the Literacy Signing on Saturday

The program on the table at the RITA ceremony. You can't see the bottle of wine thoughtfully provided for my nerves. You also can't see the hastily scrawled list of names Sloane made me write down right before the shindig started, "just in case." 

At the signing, there was a little flag designating my stack as a RITA-finalist. I got to keep the flag! It's going on my mantle right next to the alien skull. 

Have you all read L. Penelope's Song of Blood and Stone? If not, do it. And book club folks, this pic is for you. I got to meeeeeet her!!! (I win.)

My certificate got squished in transit, so we put fairies on it to straighten it out. As one does.

Also also (and finally), I have made a Facebook group just for us: Viv's Vortex of Readers and Space Vodka. Come play.
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